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Team Enterprise has been developed to bring clarity and information to the subject of water and air treatment options.

Mission Statement
It is our intent to provide you with sound alternatives that allow you to treat the air and water in your life. This approach, once understood and accepted, requires your implementation as a resident of the "Living Earth" in reciprocal responsibility. The performance of these technologies as a synergistic package is further enhanced by their environmental characteristics. It is our desire to support you by supporting all life, and now that this new standard has been provided, we look forward to your eager participation.....hence "team... Together Everyone Achieves More"...

"Whole house" space heating solutions using Geoflex geothermal technology. Geothermal systems absorb heat energy from the ground as and transfer it into the building's existing heating/cooling system.
Whole house water solutions bring together Waterking electronic water softener, Judo self-cleaning filtration and Ozone disinfection. Each technology is covered in detail and further technical support is available.
Whole house air treatment is accomplished with aran purification. Aran is a charged form of oxygen that purifies the air (destruction through oxidation), and leaves a positive residual of oxygen. Living and working in this environment facilitates wellness.

Function and Residual…
…In our approach to water and air treatment we are guided to concern ourselves with both function and residual. This encompasses all aspects in water treatment procedures in delivering a superior quality, and in improving as a proactive residual, the environment into which we discard the returning water. We thank and honour the water for its use and gifts, and bless it as we release it back to Mother Earth.

In air treatment we echo this approach. The equipment we commission requires little or no maintenance, slight energy and no filters, all the while enjoying the very best healthful environment available.

Those who espouse a gentle relationship with the Earth will recognise and value our offering. In this act we cannot harm the environment with the unnecessary use of chemicals, salts, waste water, excessive energy usage or high maintenance. Rather we chose to incorporate all of Nature's own procedures. Those who examine our message and act on it are echoing a call to return to All who support us.

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