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The Aranizer is a remarkable electronic air purifier that brings outdoor freshness into your home, office or car. Safe, effective, and affordable, the Aranizer unleashes the power of a thunderstorm to purify the air, making your environment cleaner and healthier, using oxygen like Nature does to accelerate the breakdown of air contaminates. The Aranizer is the ultimate solution to your indoor air quality problems.

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Common Uses for Aranizer

The Kitchen

Placing an Aranizer in the kitchen will not only keep lingering cooking odors from filling the whole house but will also help to keep your kitchen more sanitary by killing bacteria and viruses.

Living Room

Make your living room a more comfortable and pleasant environment to spend your free time and entertain guests. The Aranizer will bring outdoor freshness indoors eliminating unwanted odors from pets, smokers, fireplaces etc.


Say good bye to that musty, mildewed basement that you can't use for anything but storing old junk in. The Aranizer kills the mold and fungus commonly found in basements that are the cause of odors, allergies and stained walls.

The Garage

An attached garage often is the source of unpleasant odors and harmful Carbon Monoxide. The Aranizer helps change Carbon Monoxide into Carbon Dioxide and eliminates the unwanted odors before the enter your home.

The Bedroom

With an Aranizer in the bedroom you will discover a deeper more restful sleep. Many people report to us that the Aranizer helps open their sinus passages allowing them to breathe comfortably through their nose instead of their mouth. This can help eliminate snoring and lead to a more restful and natural sleep cycle.

Play Room

Children are constantly crawling on the floor and putting things in their mouths. The Aranizer can make your child's play room more sanitary by killing bacteria and viruses. Spray deodorants and antibacterial agents contain carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Protect your children the natural way with an Aranizer.

The Bathroom

Placing an Aranizer in the bathroom will destroy odors, kill mold and mildew, and help sanitize surfaces.

Workout Room

If you have a home gym or do aerobics the Aranizer will keep this space from smelling like a locker room by removing body odors caused by perspiration.

The Closet

An Aranizer placed in musty closet will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean before they are worn and will also remove smoke and body odors from clothing that is worn more than once like sport coats and winter jackets.

Smoking Room

If you or your guests prefer to smoke indoors, or if you have old smoke or fire odors in your home, the Aranizer will eliminate all traces of smoke odor so you can breathe easier.

The Car

Did the kids leave a bag of fries under the seat or spill something in the car? Did you have to pick up your boss who smokes cigars from the airport? Did you get gas for the lawn mower and have some spill in the trunk? Just leave the Aranizer in the car or trunk over night and rid yourself of these annoying odors. Use while driving and eliminate the exhaust fumes from other cars that may penetrate your car.

The Office

Does your workplace suffer from sick building syndrome? Do you spend hours a day in your home office? Keep your work environment clean and fresh with the Aranizer. Because it generates negative ions, the Aranizer will also combat the positive ions produced by your computer.


Take the Aranizer with you. It will fit into a briefcase or small carry-on bag. Your hotel room will never have smelled better.

The Workshop

The Aranizer is a great way to minimize effects of exposure to solvents and varnishes commonly used in woodworking and craft projects.

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Coverage by square feet
Ideal usage


391 mL/hr
up to 216 square feet Bedroom/


782 mL/hr
up to 408 square feet Bedroom/


1262 mL/hr
up to 720 square feet Bedroom/Auto


2805 mL/hr
up to 1536 square feet Small apartment


Mini-AR Series is lightweight and inexpensive to operate. Ideal for bars/nightclubs, bingo halls, basement remediation.

Coverage by square feet


$3995 16 832 mL/hr Up to 9000 Sq. Ft.


$9500 39 106 mL/hr Up to 50 000 Sq. Ft.


$35 000 294 560 mL/hr Up to 100 000 Sq. Ft.

These units are easily mounted into existing HVAC systems.

Coverage by square feet

Paladin 1

$1250 2475 mL/hr 2500 square feet

Paladin 2

$2250 4950 mL/hr 5000 square feet

Paladin 4

$3900 9900 mL/hr 10 000 square feet


Recommended solution for residential application plus

An HVAC unit installed in furnace plenum. This allows for complete dispersion of energized oxygen evenly throughout the home. This installation is complemented by a portable unit, Squire model, that allows for intense application of aran when needed…. e.g. burning odours, nursing/handicap situations, automobile, motel room, pet odours, etc.


What is Aran and how does it work?

  • Produces O4 through O10 charged oxygen
  • Produces negative ions
  • Destroys mould, bacteria, viruses
  • Removes dust, pollen from air
  • Safe to breathe
  • More effective than an ozonator
  • No filters to clean or replace
  • No plates to clean
  • No maintenance required
  • Only 5 cents a day to operate

The Aranizer is a remarkable electronic air purifier that brings outdoor freshness into your home, office or car. Safe, effective, and affordable, the Aranizer unleashes the power of a thunderstorm to purify the air, making your environment cleaner and healthier, using oxygen like Nature does to accelerate the breakdown of air contaminates. The Aranizer is the ultimate solution to your indoor air quality problems.

Using electricity, the Aranizer energizes the oxygen in the ambient air. Energized oxygen is the natural enemy of odors, pollutants, and many other harmful substances, yet it is completely safe and as natural as mountain-fresh air. Nature's phenomena of purifying air generally transpires during a thunderstorm when the incredible build up of energy before a lightning strike charges the oxygen in the air. The charged oxygen reacts with contaminants in the air and destroys them. This process is called oxidation and is part of the reason why the air smells so clean and fresh after a rain shower.

Within the Aranizer, the patented Aran Generator creates an energy corona which simulates Nature's lightning phenomena. By boosting the electric current supplied from the 110 V source, the unique Aran corona selectively splits the diatomic O2 molecule of oxygen found present in our atmosphere and regroups the free atoms of oxygen left over. Unlike an ozonator, which produces O2, the Aranizer produces O4, O5, O6...up to O10 size groupings of oxygen molecules. These higher groupings of energized oxygen have more oxidizing power to combat pollutants and odors at their source and accelerate the breakdown of harmful substances. All that remains is mountain-fresh air. The harmful pollutants are converted into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules.

The Aranizer also produces billions of negative ions which attach themselves to dust and pollen particles and cause them to cling to walls or fall to the floor for easy cleanup. With an Aranizer running, you will notice that there is no "dust" floating in the sunbeams that come through your window. This means the particles have been removed from the air. In addition, these negative ions neutralize the positive ions given off by computers and other electronic appliances.

What does Aran do?

  • Removes the approximately 4 000 indoor pollutants commonly found in indoor air.
  • Ionizes dust, pollen, and other particles from the air (no particles floating in sunbeams!)
  • Removes 98% of odours, including those from smoke, pets, cooking, new paint, new carpet, new furniture, petrochemical beauty products, household cleaners, and appliances.
  • Deodorizes carpets, furniture, drapes, and clothing that are affected by the indoor air pollution.
  • Effectively destroys moulds, mildew, fungi, viruses, and disease-causing bacteria, sterilizing the air and surfaces for a cleaner, healthier environment.
  • Produces invigorating, mountain-fresh air. No more stale-air smells!

What does Aran work on?

  • Acetaldehydes & Alcohols
  • Acetic Acids & Amines
  • Anisoles & Aromatics
  • Acids:Formic, Benzoic, Humic
  • Chlorinated Compounds:
    • butanes, ethanes, pentanes, polyaromatics, propanes
  • Carbon Monixide
  • Chelating Compounds
  • Chloroaromatics
  • Cyanides
  • Detergents Ethylene
  • Dichlorides
  • Formaldehyde
  • Glycerols
  • Glycine
  • Glycols
  • Haloaryl Ethers
  • Halogenated Methane
  • Hydroquinones
  • Kepones
  • Methylene
  • Chloride
  • Nitro Compounds:
    • samines, aromatics, phenols
  • Organic Compounds:
    • tins, sulphurs, phosphates
  • Pentachlorophenol
  • Pesticides
  • Phenols
  • Phthalate
  • Esters
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • RDX
  • Sodium Acetate
  • Styrene
  • Sugar compounds
  • TNT
  • Vinyl
  • Chlorides
  • And more...

What is Aran?

Aran is an oxygen allotrope in the form of O4, O5, O6, O7, etc. Aran is made by a patented process with the Aran Corona generator that selectively separates the diatomic molecule of oxygen (O2) found in our atmosphere and regroups these nascent atoms of oxygen (O) into molecules of 4 or more atoms of oxygen, creating Aran (O4+x), which has an energy level greater than the diatomic oxygen molecule prior to separation in the Aran Corona.

Free oxygen atoms (O), having been split by the Aran Corona generator, now have a higher level of energy. This extra energy causes the oxygen atoms to join in an unusual bond where 4 atoms combine at a much higher energy level. The Aran molecules are held together by a phenomenon known as "spin resonance", which allows atoms to switch and share electrons. Aran is a high-energy but short-lived oxidizing molecule. Aran is more unstable and a much more effective oxidizer than ozone (O3).

This oxidizing agent (O4+x) attacks organic and inorganic chemicals, microbiologicals and changes their chemical composition, leaving only oxidized particulate residues and diatomic oxygen (O2).

It is important to note that the nitrogen molecule which is also diatomic (N2), remains in its natural state unaffected by the Aran Corona and does not create oxides of nitrogen (NxOy) often found in the production of ozone.

What are the advantages of an Aranizer over other purifiers?

  • No maintenance is required, and there are no costly filters to change or plates to clean.
  • Less expensive than ozonators and more effective!
  • Does not produce any oxides of nitrogen, such as nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and nitric oxide, all of which are toxic if inhaled in quantity.
  • Can be run 24 hours a day, with no need for humans or pets to vacate the premises during its operation.
  • Superior design, having been patented and thoroughly tested, and is made of the highest quality components.
  • High in output and low in power consumption, costing less than 5 cents a day to operate.
  • Reliable, and durable, with no moving parts to wear out.
  • Each unit comes with a 2-year unconditional warranty, with a 25-year warranty available at time of purchase.

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