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Watch the video - Ju-Wel Amethyst

JUDO NORTH AMERICA takes pride in providing the best product to its customers. We carry the best sediment filters available.


The PROFi-Plus self-cleaning filter allows water to flow in through a stainless steel filter sieve. The filter sieve traps the sediment present in the water before it enters the main plumbing system of your home.
It protects the plumbing system and appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, hot water tank, etc.). The entire filter surface can then be backwashed by multiple jet nozzles that operate on a point-by-point rotation system. Because the filter is completely visible at all times, the homeowner can easily determine whether or not the filter needs cleaning. To backwash the filter, simply twist the top of the filter, 3 turns to the left and then 3 turns to the right. During the backwash cycle you can actually watch as trapped sediment on the filter sieve is vacuumed up by the jet nozzles and flushed into the drain.
Clean water is constantly supplied with no interruptions, even during backwash.

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The PROFiMat allows water to flow in through a stainless steel filter sieve. The filter sieve traps the sediment present in the water before it enters the plumbing system and mechanical equipment.
The entire filter surface is then automatically backwashed by multiple jet nozzles that operate on a point-by-point rotation system. The backwashing is completely visible at all times so you can be
sure it does the job right.
The system can be programmed to clean on preset times or differential pressure. Should the filter become soiled enough to create a pressure loss before the preset backwash time, a differential pressure gauge will activate the automatic backwash. This gauge can be adjusted to respond between 1 and 15 psi pressure drop. As soon as the backwash cycle begins, a flush valve is opened to an indirect drain. Because the drain is at atmospheric pressure, a reverse siphoning effect enables the jet nozzles to vacuum the impurities off the filter sieve.
Clean water is constantly supplied with no interruption, even during backwash.
Because the filter is permanent, there is no need for replacement filters.

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The JU-WEL water vitaliser is a totally new concept in water treatment that has been developed in Germany and is now available for the first time in the UK. Water is passed over Amethyst, Rock Crystal or Rose Quartz, or all three, receiving "Information" from these crystals which have many beneficial qualities. JU-WEL can be installed on the mains supply to treat all water that is used for bathing, cleaning and drinking or the "Compact" version can be fitted "under the counter" with a water filter to supply "JU-WELized" freshly filtered driking water on tap.

JUDO JU-WEL Type Amethyst improves the biological effectiveness of water. With the aid of the jewel treatment developed by JUDO, the water not only regains its original vital properties, but also the extraordinary and health-giving properties of the gemstone amethyst similar to homeopathy. Amethyst gemstones are believed to improve the general condition and reduce pains caused by nervous stress, tension, anxiety and insomnia.

Watch the video - Ju-Wel Amethyst

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Principle of operation
Drinking water flows into the jewel-treatment device around the pre-treated amethyst gemstones. The characteristic energy of the crystals is transmitted to the water it becomes jewelized


A note on filtration

Filtration is a very effective process in many aspects of our lives. Our bodies have lots of filters. Many are clogged up because we do not know how to activate them. Our whole lymphatic is a filtering system and needs lots of clean water to accomplish its work. Filtration is used in many functions of our daily lives. It catches the toxins we wish to be rid of. Automobiles would not function well without filtration. We have yet to improve our systems to eliminate dependence on replacing filters. Fortunately, we have a water filter that effectively cleans water of filterable matter to 30 microns. That's pretty small. The other great part is that this filter automatically cleans itself as well. This is a great feature since we do not burden the environment with constantly changing filters. A simple twist of the knob and off it goes. We can visually see the process of cleaning. Now, not all matter in water is filterable. Hardwater minerals are in the water and hence not filterable. We use filtration to catch all possible matter and prepare the water for ozonation. This allows us to size the ozonation equipment smaller, thereby saving money, energy, space, etc. It is wise to know that we have employed a competent system that looks after this without further effort. We suggest an occasional checkup (annual perhaps).

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