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Water Softener



•WK4 units installed London and Elmira
•Softens water in whole facility
•Reduces Dry Skin
•No Salt and No Maintenance needed
•New Technology for old and new facilities
Status: Complete
•engineering for supporting our technologies
•rids clients of burden of "old salt systems
•supports environmental aspects
•saves greatly on water costs/uses
•best choice/option
Status: Inprogress
•recommends for all new facilities
•saves clients money
•maintains entire facility
•best new water treatment technology
•has in own home
Status: Inprogress
•replaced 2 large expensive old salt systems
•saves lots of money on equipment, salt and water
•2 units(WK3 and WK4) do entire plant(100,000sq.ft. plus)real hardwater area
•lasts indefinately
Status: Complete
•the illustrations show our complete water treatment system
•including automatic self-cleaning filter (30 micron)...Waterking Electronic descaler/softener...and the ozone system
•oxygen concentrator, ORP controller, ozone generator, 80 gal. contact tank
•this water was heavily contaminated with Hydrogen Sulphide, Iron, Nitrates and Hardness
•we now have exceptional water quality with a high oxygen content
Status: Complete
Braemar Trailer Park
·System serves 67 + permanent residents
·Average daily usage 4000gpd….25% capacity
·Raw water load includes hydrogen sulphide, iron, nitrates, etc.
·Exceeds Reg 170 …set up for remote monitoring…
·Annual costs $150 ….no filters/chemicals/slight energy
·Chlorine is used as measurable disinfection (secondary)…annual costs $60
·Added value investment very high…..residents/owner extremely satisfied
·Optimum water quality with high oxygen/energy residuals…healthful.
·Leading edge technologies
System/project: Complete


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