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Water Softener



An efficient way to perform heating for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings by using the heat stored in the ground.

Geoflex is a geothermal system designed to maximize the energy efficiency of your home, office or commercial space.

Water Treatment
The Healthy Alternative to a Water Softener Water-King is a fully computerized Water Conditioner which DESCALES AND PREVENTS LIMESCALE without the use of chemicals or salts. PROVIDES ALL THE BENEFITS OF SOFT WATER. It is simple to install and requires no plumbing.

Scalewatcher is a water conditioner which descales and prevents limescale, without the use of chemicals or salts.

JUDO NORTH AMERICA takes pride in providing the best product to its customers.

Whole House ozone water treatment systems use High Frequency Coron a Discharge ozone generation to disinfect drinking water and oxidize contaminants.

Air Treatment
Our approach to air treatment echoes our water treatment technologies….Function and Residual. The function is to remove the offending toxin, bacteria, mold, virus, etc…. and leave as the positive residual a high concentration of life giving oxygen. Living in this “oxygen rich” environment allows us to feel better, more alert, and breathing easier. We highly recommend this experience for everyone. The “dustless” home,… no odours, pollens, mould, mildew, pet odour, ….all gone and more….. No tobacco, perfume, dyes, or cooking smells…. This all happens without any effort since there are no filters to worry about…. Simply “set it and forget it”… This technology is referred to oxidation…charged oxygen is produced by the unit and removes the toxin at source….that’s it!

The Aranizer is a remarkable electronic air purifier that brings outdoor freshness into your home, office, or car.


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