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Recommended for smaller home and mobile homes...moderately hard water...

Homes in excess of1200sq.ft... hard water, well water, municipality water...

For commercial and industrial properties, farm operations, small apartment blocks, restraunts, nursing homes, laundromats, cooling towers, truck washes...

Extremely effective in large premises...totally replacing ion exchange water softeners...Large industrial operations...parts washers, laundry facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, universities, Large apartment blocks, hotels, cooling towers, swimming pool exchangers, direct fired boilers...


Hard water is a perfectly natural phenomenon. It contains a high percentage of minerals which are present as salts in solution. They are mainly Calcium and Magnesium based, and they are essential to plant and animal life.
Unfortunately, they also cause problems. The main culprit is Calcium Carbonate which is the salt responsible for hardness. It is equally responsible for the formation of limescale, because of its rare property of dissolving in cold water and precipitating in hot water. Most other salts dissolve in hot water.

The loss in heating efficiency caused by the build-up of limescale in your water system can be extremely expensive, not only in terms of heating bills, but in appliance repair costs. The extent of the damage which can be caused is not always appreciated, until it is too late.
Water-King is a fully computerized Water Conditioner which descales and prevents limescale, without the use of chemicals or salts. It is simple to install and requires no plumbing.
Anyone living in a hard water area knows the problems of limescale. Kettles and shower heads scale up, scum lines appear on baths, shampoos don't lather as they should. These are obvious symptoms, and there are many more, but the biggest single problem lies in the damage limescale does to pipes and the consequent waste of energy it causes.

What you will notice...
Within three to four weeks, existing scale will become softer and will be easy to break off or wipe away. You may notice cloudy water coming from the hot taps and some loose scale deposits at the bottom of your bath or basin. This is an indication that descaling has commenced. If the system was severely scaled, an increase in hot water flow may be observed. You may notice the water becoming hotter more rapidly, with better lathering and the water feeling softer with more foam in the bath.

The Benefits of Water-King

  • Removes Existing Limescale - Water-King descales the Plumbing System, cleaning out water heaters, cylinders and scale encrusted taps showerheads etc. Let Water-King do your descaling for you..
  • Prevents Fresh Deposits of Limescale Forming on Baths, Sinks, Shower Heads, Shower Screens and Lavatories.
  • Blending valves and shower mixers are kept scale free.
  • Provides Softer Water. Soaps, Shampoos and Detergents Lather Better and Scum is Reduced
  • Softer Water is Better for Skin and Hair, and Eczema and Psoriasis can be improved
  • Saves Energy and Cuts Bills because just 1 millimtres of limescale reduces heating efficiency by 15%. Less limescale means fewer breakdowns and equipment failures.
  • Safe Drinking Water (Even Suitable for Babies Bottles)
  • Easy D.I.Y. Installation and No Servicing, Salt or Chemicals Required
  • No Separate Hard Water Tap Required and Healthy Minerals Retained
  • Self Diagnostic Watchdog Chip For Auto Reset
  • Low Running Costs
  • Mains pressure is unaffected
  • No Corrosion risks with Water-King

It has been noticed that the physical treatment of water (as opposite of chemical treatment, usually salts) has many beneficial effects. The proponents of this type of treatment realize that it is different in form, capability and results. Motivation for supporting this approach goes from jumping on the "new technology" and making money to being a savior of the environment from the devastation of salts, chlorides and other compounds, along with the resultant water waste and the problem posed by these salt laidened waters as they enter our treatment facilities.
In considering these issues we are attempting to clarify just what is involved in physical water treatment with electronic systems, the realistic results and the known benefits, both to ourselves and the environment. We are the beneficiaries of this technology, evolved over the past 100 years or so. We do not add or take away any minerals in applying these changes. Today we use low frequency amplitudes to alter the structure of these hardwater minerals, causing the calcium bicarbonate (main hardwater ingredient) to shift to a alternative form of calcium, aragonite, and upon heating does not usually give further problems as the calcium carbonate (scale) we normally encounter. It stays in solution and flushes out with the water. In water there is usually a small presence of iron. This is an excellent carrier of these frequencies causing a further ability of the signals to travel throughout the plumbing system giving a better effect.

We wish it was this simple, however there are exceptions to the rule. Most products are made, purchased and installed for the function they provide. It's the perceived performance we want and value that causes us to buy. We are all well aware that this should not be the sole criteria for evaluation. Consequential and residual results should always be considered when manufacturing goods or providing services. The current environmental situation of the planet illustrates this fact all to well. Many of the items we use daily take a toll on our real values. So there is a trade off. We will adjust our habits and accommodate "Mother Nature". In our treatment with the electronic system we sometimes encounter issues with "total evaporative systems". We refer here to dishwashers, steamers and the occasional droplet of water on a faucet. Since we do not remove anything from the water the original calcium is still in the water. This effect will be randomly noticed as the content of the minerals can change. This is not filterable and so in the case of total evaporation the residual calcium will sometimes show up as scale (soft or hard). Those white spots are the calcium in the water. While we give them no notice in the rest of the home we are annoyed with the results in the dishwasher. We are waiting for two other sides of the story. The detergent and dishwasher makers need to look at solving these issues also. Most folk will adjust well and alter their habits. They are willing to try to find an acceptable alternative and chose to effectively support "Mother Nature". After all, everything we have comes from Her. Others who value this approach have indicated this in letters we have received and we thank them for this. They have referred and encourage others to move in this direction. We are all together here and now. Together everyone achieves more!

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